Basic Rules


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Basic Rules

Please remember these RULES.

Make sure you are comfortable with the any affiliate program before you join and upgrade your account!

1. DO NOT put in money at to an affiliate program that you cannot afford to lose.

2. DO NOT be greedy. Dont get/buy more accounts if you cant afford it. Take back your seed money soonest possible.

3. In order to spread your risk, its a good rule to diversify.

4. Always go thru Rules 1 – 3 again and again.

Please note: are not offering any advice or recommendation or suggestion. Any action you take are your own responsibility. are just sharing multiple affiliate programs program what we experienced, your experience may not be necessary what you will experience and past performance does not necessary indicate future performance.

You are solely responsible for your own decision and are recommended to consult your own professional advisers.

Hits and Earn: Hit per Sale Ratio Affiliate Program Decisions

Congratulations! You have gone through the grueling task of deciding whether or not to try your luck with affiliate marketing, choosing the products you would be promoting, and establishing your affiliate marketing sites. The first few dollars have managed to come marching in, and you think it is enough. I know you are fed up with decision making and would rather just wait for the money to flow, but in order for you to succeed more, you have to make more decisions: that is what businesses are all about. More about Hits and Earn: Hit per Sale Ratio Affiliate Program Decisions


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