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Although the Internet introduced the concept of performance-based advertising, it is now spreading into other media.

The mobile telephone is increasingly used as a web browsing device, and can support both pay-per-click and pay-per-call plans. Coupons delivered to the mobile handset can be used to link advertising direct to sales. As consumers start to use their mobile handset as an electronic payment device, it may become practical to establish direct linkage between advertising and purchases. The linkage may be indirect. A consumer may use their mobile phone to scan a barcode on an outdoor advertisement. This loads the advertiser's mobile site onto the phone. When the consumer shortly afterwards goes to the advertiser's store and uses their phone to make a purchase, the linkage can be inferred.

Directory assistance providers are starting to introduce advertising, particularly with "Free DA" services such as the Jingle Networks 1-800-FREE-411, the AT&T 1-800-YELLOWPAGES and the Google 1-800-GOOG-411. The advertiser pays when a caller listens to their advertisement, the equivalent of Internet CPM advertising, when they ask for additional information, or when they place a call.

IPTV promises to eventually combine features of cable television and the Internet. Viewers may see advertisements in a sidebar that are relevant to the show they are watching. They may click on an advertisement to obtain more details, and this action can be measured and used to charge the advertiser.

It is even possible to directly measure the performance of print advertising. The publisher prints a special telephone number in the advertisement, used nowhere else. When a consumer places a call to that number, the call event is recorded and the call is routed to the regular number. The call could only have been generated because of the print advertisement.

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